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Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per click (PPC) is a powerful marketing procedure which leads customers and audiences heading to your site from the moment it all begins. This procedure allows you to choose a certain location and then see how well your company is doing is that particular area. 

The idea of pay per click is that you only pay once someone clicks on the advert which sends them to your website. Using this method you also have the choice to decide how much you pay per click with also setting a budget - so getting in debt is not an option.

How we can manage your PPC account?

Our team are specialised to help the process of building your company, we combine together to understand every segment which helps to make your business stand out. Starting from your types of audience to your messages.

We help with:

-Keyword Research

-Companies linked to phrases

-Creation of your adverts

-Including Analytics for results

To find out how we can help you with your next project, send us an email for a detailed quote or just call the Streeten studio on 020 7631 3720.