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Digital Marketing Strategy

We are able to generate and combine multiple marketing channels in a well integrated way enabling accessible growth for your business.

How do you market your company?

Our digital marketing team can help you with that. By listening to your needs and your preferred audience we are able to achieve effective strategies best suited to your intentions helping you reach your targets within the business.

As a company we find that each business is unique and distinctive in its own way. You wouldn’t market your business exactly like others and that’s precisely why we create a different marketing plan for each customer. We offer a wide range of digital marketing strategies, meaning you can hand-pick the ones which you find are right for you, or work with our team to plan and create the best high quality plan for your desired outcomes and goals.

Audience research

Lack of purchases online? Not enough customers? This is how our digital strategies will help. Building the digital strategy involves a consistent approach which researches and reviews every part of your business and social media. Not only do we get to know your customers but we also get to know you and your company, including all the products you sell. To keep you in front of your audience we create the best plan that works with your company's objectives.


Due to involving a marketing plan and an outsider's view, you will then be able to understand where your business needs to be and how to get there. Ensuring a developed website which creates a positive approach to your business.

Pathway to completion

To create an effective strategy, a logical understanding of the offer, the company itself and also the objectives which they have set themselves will need to be included.

Every type of strategy involved will always be connected to the original objectives so that we are able to determine the success correctly but to also learn where it can be adjusted to achieve the maximum result.

All we leave for you is the joy of flicking through the finished product and enjoying that just printed smell!


To find out how we can help you with your next project, send us an email for a detailed quote or just call the Streeten studio on 020 7631 3720.