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London Pilates Studio

London Pilates Studio website design

London Pilates Studio - Chiswick's Finest

Following the remarkable vision of entrepreneur Vanessa Pearce, we developed the website to create an online destination for the Chiswick based studio. With the unique situation of working closely with one of London's top physiotherapists, the London Pilates Studio offers the perfect environment to improve your body in the most complete way. The website visitors are increasing by the week, and the site continues to grow in content. Read more about our pilates studio website design

Services: Web Design, Branding

Project Sector: Pilates, Teaching

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"We were so glad to have a company that looked after all our internet needs, and didn't make us feel stupid about asking silly questions. After all the horror stories you get told about website design, this was a pure pleasure, and a great boost to our company.

Thank you!"

Vanessa Pearce, Founder