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Hot Tips - Free stuff...

There are a couple of things I can recommend to get some extra traffic to your website, and they are both Free.

yell.com1. Fill in your profile
I know yellow pages is seen as a bit out-dated, but seem to be doing everything they can to make up for it. You can have a free listing on their website and include plenty of useful information there including: web address, images, reviews etc.

This is great for SEO, and also for people searching for your services. It will make you stand out.

The reason I am recommending it is because there has been a huge increase in traffic from since updating the profile streeten design on

The REALLYimportant thing is to get reviews , so please write us a review, and we will return the favour!

Pinterest2. Start using
It might seem like a bit of fun, but it's becoming a serious place to profile your business. Just upload your own pictures, or reference them from other sites, and you build up a collection of images that reflect you and your business. Try it, and let me know, then I will follow you.

home storeClient Profile – Home Store Hastings.

An amazing new shop has opened in Hastings, and we've been helping out with all the design work. The website is not live yet, but there is rather a lovely little holding page.

Have a look at the facebook profile, it is way ahead of its an antique sort of way!

Christmas Opening Times

The studio will be closed from:
Friday 14th December 2012 – Wednesday 2nd January 2013

That's all for this month!Anything you want to find out more about, please get in touch.

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